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We have all sorts of great team players, but these are the ones you should be talking to, they’ll help you in every way they can.

André Abreu

Director of Technology

One of our founders, André is in charge of the whole area of technology and innovation, and as such he supervises all projects and development teams. He works directly with our clients and suppliers, coordinating all the requirements in frameworks of solutions and infrastructures. A multimedia engineer by training, André leads the tech team with the aim of delivering flawless solutions in terms of performance, design and user-friendliness.

Filipe Girão

Business Director

Filipe is in charge of dJomba's relationships with its clients. He and his team endeavour to identify requirements and to ensure that the agency always comes up with profit-generating solutions. With over 15 years' experience in the commercial sector, Filipe is able to easily identify each client' business set-up and to present them not just with what they want but also with what they need.

Miguel Falcato

Digital Arts Director

Digital production comes alive when its results are state of the art. This is the vision with which Miguel daily fosters the inspiration of his team of animators, illustrators, modellers and artists. Which means that nothing we create is stagnant or run-of- the-mill. One of dJomba's founders, Miguel is above all an amazing artist who combines the virtuosity of his hand-drawing with the boundless potential of computer graphics.

José Castelo

Creative Director

José is responsible for ensuring that every dJomba creation beguiles the user and draws from him the kind of performance and results that brands are looking for. Having won several awards in different areas of advertising at national and international creativity festivals, José has long since been spellbound by the infinite creative potential of the digital world. He leads an enthusiastic creative team who work on ideas, experiences and details to the very last pixel.


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